​Suresmile® Advanced

We use this cutting-edge technology to coordinate treatment with your entire dental team during the smile design process.

Discover the benefits of a healthy bite with Classic City Orthodontics using Suresmile Advanced! A 3-D digital planning and design system which offers levels of precision never before attained with optimal levels of force to your teeth. We use Suresmile to design orthodontic wires as well as aligners. The result is higher quality, better accuracy and control by YOUR orthodontic specialist with less discomfort, fewer visits, and maximum safety.

Who uses it? We are the only orthodontic specialist provider in the region. Dr. Harter has worked with Suresmile since 2009 and has been considered a leader in its usage as well as a lecturer on a national level. The CCO team has successfully treated over 5000 clients using SureSmile Advanced®.

You may be wondering what to expect with our SureSmile Advanced® treatment system. Here is a general overview of your time in treatment with us.

For our patients with braces:
The day we place your braces is the beginning of your treatment and the first step on the path to reach your goal. With SureSmile Advanced®, you will complete treatment in a shorter amount of time with fewer visits and less discomfort compared to traditional braces treatment.

First, we’ll place the brackets, and then insert a standard “straight wire” through them. This step will provide some initial movement, so you may notice changes in your teeth. Once your teeth begin to level and align, you will be ready for an exciting part of your treatment process: your SureSmile® scan. We’ll use our 3D Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) to create a 3-D model and take pictures of your teeth and your smile. This happens while you watch in real time, which is pretty cool!

After your appointment, the doctor examines your 3D model and designs the optimal position for every tooth. Dr. Harter or Dr. Culberson design your custom orthodontic wire which are made of a special material called a Shape Memory Alloy (Copper Nickel Titanium) and are built by robotic process.

For our patients with aligners:Your journey starts on the day that we take your fully digital 3-D impression. No more oopey, goopey impressions! We use the latest technology to take the most accurate record of your teeth and mouth without the messiness and gagging that traditional impressions often cause.

Your custom aligners will be designed by your doctors and, in many cases, made in our in-house lab.

You will receive your aligners on the second visit to CCO.

Whether you wear braces or aligners, Dr. Harter or Dr. Culberson design your outcome, design the wires or aligners used to move your teeth. This is a huge difference over other methods in which your result and appliances are being designed, directed, managed, and handled by someone that you do not know!

Simply put, we know you. We know what you need. We design it. We are responsible for your happiness, your health, and your care. If you have any questions or problems, we correct them.

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