Types of Braces

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Braces have evolved over the past 20 years to become smaller and more comfortable, while allowing the freedom of personal expression. The function of a brace is simply to act as a handle on the tooth that is being moved. The orthodontic wire that connects to the braces serves as the “motor” that moves the tooth. 

There are many types of braces but the main types of braces used in our practice include silver (stainless steel) and white porcelain. 

It’s YOUR choice, and did you know with Classic City Orthodontics you can often get same day braces?! There are no differences in performance or financial investment. 

No matter what your choice is, you have the option of choosing “colored o-rings” which securely hold the wire into the brace. Patients love to express their personality with their “colors” and enjoy changing these at each appointment to match their mood, celebrate their school spirit, or maybe that special homecoming dress.

None of the braces that we use have been found to cause an allergic reaction in the mouth. Even patients who have known nickel allergies routinely wear braces without an issue! All of the braces that we use are brand new and sterilized prior to applying them to your teeth.

Dr. Harter or Dr. Culberson will place your braces, with the help of our certified orthodontic assistant, in the proper position to assure accurate movement of your teeth according to YOUR specialized treatment plan.

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